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Jimmy Raye Jons: What America Did


About the play

This is the story of how the American psyche shaped the thinking and actions of one individual. In the day and age of being “woke,” and the need to fight for self-preservation, an ugly spirit has risen. This hard-hitting social drama mirrors the decay and utter destruction of values and ethics among many Americans.

Cast of Characters

Jimmy Raye Jons                          A strongly opinionated former soldier

Janette Gerry                                 A bartender

Craig                                                 A bar patron

Juni Kinds                                        A bar patron

Reverend R. Wise                          A tormented pastor

Ducky Dao                                       A bar patron (other)


The Jungle - a local bar

Early fall 2024


Ebonie Headshot (2).jpeg
Curtis Von.jpg
Nick Ernest.jpg

Eboni E. Williams
Janette Gerry

Curtis Von
Jimmy Raye Jons

Nick Ernest

Shayla Auen.jpg
Dave Osbie Shepard.jpg
Troi Coleman.jpg

Shayla Auen
Juni Kinds

Dave Osbie Shepard
Reverend Wise

Troi Coleman
Ducky Dao

Production staff

John-Michael Manley.jpg

John-Michael Manley
Director & Sound Designer

Cindy Vu.jpg

Cindy Vu
Costume Consultant

Donyail Lindsey.jpg

Donyail Lindsey
Set Designer

Maryum Egonu.jpg

Maryum Egonu
Stage Manager


Donyail Lindsey
Cindy Vu
Douglas Gray
Ryan Williams 
John-Michael Manley
New Era Theatre Company


Special Thanks:

The Bayland Center
Anthony Prior
Errol Anthony Wilks
Donyail Lindsey
Dave Osbie Shepard


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